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Piano Lesson
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Play, Love, Live music

Octopus Music offers a comprehensive music education through enjoyable and productive music lessons. The ability to play and appreciate music is a wonderful skill for any child to have, a skill and that can stay with them for a lifetime.

Octopus Music delivers weekly, in school lessons on voice, guitar, keyboard, violin, guitar, ukulele and bass guitar. We have a team of dedicated music educators who teach with joy and passion. Lessons focus on sight-reading, rhythmic skills, and creativity. Individual or group lessons are available, check out the enrolment form to find the right lesson format for your family.

Students are expected to obtain an instrument for home practice, and practice for a short time on a daily basis. Instruments are available for hire through Octopus Music, and a ‘hire to buy’ program is in place. Physical and digital resources will be provided so that your child will always have a place to start when they play at home!