At Octopus Music we do what we love, and love what we do! Our highly qualified teachers are here to get to know your kids, and how they learn. We cater our lessons to our students’ needs, and have a variety of curriculum models at hand. Sight-reading, technique and rhythmic skills are taught from the outset, and we encourage students to develop their creative, ensemble and performance skills.

We aspire to cultivate both a knowledge of, and passion for music in our students, and encourage them to develop their own musical tastes. As well as learning from a book, we create custom resources of recent or classic songs to suit students of all levels. 

Technology is a huge part of our game plan, and we create backing tracks and practice videos for our students & parents to access at home through the ‘Showbie’ online classroom App/Website. We can provide weekly feedback, and stay connected with students between lessons, should they have any questions.

 Tim Anders 

Tim is a songwriter & music educator, who is restless in his pursuit of musical engagement and excellence in young people. Octopus music was started as a proving ground for Tim's educational vision, and is a program that embraces innovation, different learning styles and cultures. This vision has struck a chord in schools, and octopus music has grown from a boutique program to a thriving community of music teachers and students. While he misses the days that he could drop off a spare guitar string on his bike, Tim is proud to be able show so many young people the wonder of music.